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Studio 18 originated as a merger between Freya's passion for both art and interiors. For years she kept them separate and as Interior Design became her professional career, her art took a back seat. With more time on her hands during lockdown she found her paintbrushes again and not wanting to sacrifice one over the other, Studio 18 was born.



Painting Easels_edited_edited.jpg

Toby Perryman-Payne, Interior Designer

'Nothing was too much for Freya – and each element and detail of our commissioned painting was so carefully considered and recorded, being communicated back to me throughout. Freya has been an incredible talent, that I would without a doubt recommend to anyone...'


Lauren Caisley, Interior Designer

'Freya understood exactly what it was we were trying to achieve with our bespoke commission of Northumberland for a large Country Hall project. We wanted the personal connection to the clients to reflect the colours and tones of the design scheme. The outcome was spectacular!''

Studio 18 - 'Vineyard abstract'_edited_edited.jpg

Stephanie Dunning, Interior Deisgner

'We commissioned Freya to create one of her paintings for the new building at Exton Park Vineyard. We are thrilled with the outcome and it sits so beautifully in the tasting room popping out from the Tarlatan painted walls in the undercroft. Thank you Freya, our clients love it and so do we, totally unique, totally Freya and totally Exton Park.'

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