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Studio 18 Interiors Wimbledon | Interior Designer SW London


Studio 18 is a London based interior design & art studio creating authentic, timeless interiors and art from concept through to completion.

At Studio 18 we believe in creating beautiful interiors and bespoke artwork to inspire confidence, comfort and harmony in your home and workplace.

Studio 18 Interiors Wimbledon | Interior Designer SW London

What we do here at Studio 18

Studio 18 was founded by Freya Wastie in 2021 inspired by her passion for art and interiors.

Through interior design we aim to give people the homes and interiors they've always dreamed of having, pushing their expectations of the joy that comes from considered design.

Through our artwork we seek to create balance, harmony, and calm.

At Studio 18 we approach each project with warmth and professionalism. We believe that your interior should be a reflection of your personality and treasured moments, and bring this into every project we work on, whether this be through a paint brush or floor plans.


Studio 18 Interiors Richmond | Interior Designer SW London

Request a Quote

If you are looking for an interior designer who will complement your ideas and vision with their creative flair and personal touch, then we'd love to hear from you.

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