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Full refurbishment of the catering unit for Social Pantry, including tasting kitchen, office spaces, staff kitchen, courtyard breakout space, dining room and bathrooms.

Social Pantry4331 edited 2.JPG
Social Pantry4346 1.jpg
Social Pantry4283 1 edited.jpg
Social Pantry4295 1.jpg
Social Pantry4324 edited.jpg
Studio 18 - Social Pantry
Social Pantry4272.JPG
Social Pantry4308 1 edited.JPG
Studio 18 - Social Pantry
Social Pantry4305 edited.jpg
Social Pantry4286 1.jpg
Social Pantry4328 edited.jpg
Social Pantry4277 1.JPG
Social Pantry4320.jpg
Social Pantry4281 1 1.jpg

Let's work together

If you are interested in Studio 18 Interior Design services, please get in touch with the contact form below.

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